Book Form

This is a booking form of KyotoYuruchariClub.
Please send E-mail if other inquiries exist.
If this's the reservations of two people or more, all names are necessary for us.
Please all reserve separately.
or that the representative must input the name of the member of the remainder and the kind of the bicycle to the remarks column.
ID cards is necessary for using the rent a bicycle.

*sign are the required items.



*Address[your country]

*Name or Address[ Staying Hotel ]

The inputs of NONE at (homecoming,friend house and so on) not staying anywhere in that day of the reservation.



Tellphone or Cellular phone

Please input the telephone number if you have the telephone.
Uses telephone number to reports when there is a thing left behind and so on.

remarks column

Please input it to this column if there is a thing that doesn't understand for the reservation.

Please send E-mail if other inquiries exist.

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